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Archiving and Restoration
Photo restorations to hand down.
Because we have been restoring old photographs using digital technology for over 15 years. Our work is second to none! We are adept at handling fragile original photos from the 19th and 20th century. We also have experience with fire and water damaged photographs. All of our work is done in house and we have plenty of samples to show when you come to our commercial facility for a consultation.


Project One
Digital Restoration Work.
The start of the process is where the original image gets professionally scanned in. The quality of the scan is extremely important, this is where the final quality for the retouching work is taken from. A professional scan will capture the right amount of color, tone and image resolution for the retouching process. All we ask is that you provide the original picture or image so we can scan it professionally if at all possible. Most consumer scanners on the market in our opinion do not do a good enough job. More importantly the end user normally does not have sufficient experience in making sure that the settings are correct in order to get the best possible scan. This can significantly prolong the time taken recreating information when not scanned professionally .
Project Two
When photos start fading.
This is usually because of exposure to sunlight or other elements in the air and because of improper washing away of chemicals during processing. Harsh light and UV are major causes or faded photos. Color photos fade much faster than black & white photos due to less silver in the paper and use of color dyes. Most old photographs fade or color shift with age no matter how carefully looked after. Your old family color picture may now have an orange color cast. With age this will only get worse and in fact may just fade away over time.

Project Three
We also restore photos with cracks, holes, pieces missing, large scratches on faces, or important areas. The example photo shown has extreme damage having rips, tears, bubbles and many stains all over the paint. Fixing the damage was a challenge though very enjoyable restoring it. The customer could not believe how well the photo looked after restoration and were delighted with the result.


Digital Imaging

Our retouching department has the latest tools, extensive experience and the artistic talent to handle any digital retouching needs you have. From simple dust spotting to major restorations and creative design techniques, Cantrell Video can solve just about any digital imaging problem that you may encounter.

Cantrell Video Color Lab will scan your original films and flat art to your specifications or we will optimize your scans for output on one of our digital laser printers or for output on our fine art ink jet printer.

Machine Print Services
Our Noritsu 3200 system is compatible with color negatives, reversal film, monochrome film and digital media which includes xD-Picture Card, SD cards, SmartMedia, CompactFlash and Memory Stick.


Photo Lab
Our Photo department is also a full size photo Lab. We can cater for all of your printing needs. Mat, Glossy, or Metallic Prints.
Comp Cards

We also have the knowledge and the experience to restore and print your file from the following formats.
Glass Slides
Negatives, 35mm

We also offer, Slide Scanning, and Photo Scanning
•35mm slides in 2x2 cardboard, plastic, or glass mounts
•120/220 slides
•110, 126 and 127 slides
•35mm slides in carousels

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