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Our VHS to DVD service offers the best picture quality at incredible pricing. So grab a towel, dust off that shoe box of VHS tapes and discover how easy it is to convert VHS to DVD. You’ll be enjoying your favorite VHS tape memories on the big screen in no time!
Our VHS transfer service has been trusted by professionals and consumers alike for 20 years, in fact our technicians have handled thousands of VHS to DVD conversions, so rest easy knowing your VHS to DVD transfer is being handled with the utmost care.

Video tapes on average have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, if not treated properly can perish much earlier. We do know how to save your memories, in fact it’s our mission. Let us help you save your home movie memories for generations to come with high quality and affordable video preservation services by Cantrell Video.


We also offer other tape formats to be transferred to DVD.


These formats include the following.

Mini DV to DVD,
8mm Video Tape,
Hi-8 Video Tape,
Film to DVD,
BetaMax to DVD,
Sony 3/4 Umatic Tape to DVD,
Beta SP to DVD, Beta to DVD.
DVC Pro to DV,
DV Cam to DVD,

Film to DVD

Cantrell Video Productions.
We specialize in transferring and converting your old home Movie films to DVD. We can convert 8mm film, super 8 films, 16mm film.

When transferring Old Home Movie Film. The process we use is called direct transfer where the image is taken directly off the film!

WE DO NOT PROJECT the film ON TO A WALL OR use MIRROR BOXES then record with a camera. So BEWARE when searching for a vendor.

Please make sure when searching for a vendor that they explain or show you how the process works!

When you drop off your order we will show you how the process works, helping you feel confident in leaving your priceless memories with us to convert.

All work is processed locally at our COMMERCIAL facility here in Little Rock.


Film to DVD

The formats that we transfer to are;

Super 8mm Film,
16mm Film,
8mm Film Transfer to DVD,
Super 8mm Film Transfer to DVD,
16mm Film Transfer to DVD,
8mm Film Conversion,
Super 8mm Film Conversion,

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