Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration


The start of the process is where the original image, gets professionally scanned in.  The quality of the scan is extremely important. A professional scan will capture the right amount of color, tone and image resolution for the retouching process.   All we ask, is that you provide the original picture, or image, so we can scan it professionally, if at all possible.  Most consumer scanners on the market, in our opinion, do not do, a good enough job. More importantly, the end user, normally does not have sufficient experience in making sure that the settings are correct, in order to get the best possible scan.  This can significantly prolong the time taken, recreating information when not scanned professionally.


Photo Restoration, Photo Retouching

As you can see with this photograph. it was sitting in grandmas purse for a very long time, and worn down and faded over time. It was the only photograph of Granddad from World War One. So it was very important to my client. He asked if there was any way I could restore the picture. I said yes. Just leave it with me. When my client came to collect his picture, He cried. he was blown a way, and was very appreciative of our work.

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